Alexa Skill Learning Journey

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With Cortana and Alexa becoming BFF’s, today’s project from Michael James seemed appropriate. The cool thing about Michael’s post is its format. Michael takes you along on his journey on learning how to create an Alexa skill, including all the bumps in the road… A First Foray into Alexa Skills Using AWS Lambda’s with C# […]

Coming to Visual Studio: Quantum Computing

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One of the notable announcements at Microsoft’s Ignite conference was the news that the company is making a big play in futuristic quantum computing, and those efforts will be tied into the Visual Studio IDE. Coming to Visual Studio: Quantum Computing Source: Visual Studio News

Azure Service Fabric on Linux | Azure Friday

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In this episode, Mani Ramaswamy joins Scott Hanselman to talk about Azure Service Fabric on Linux, which recently became generally available as a container orchestrator. Many premier first-party services such as Azure SQL Database, Bing, Azure Cosmos DB, and EventHubs are all running on Service Fabric on Windows, and now the same technology is being […]