Mobile App Security with Kerry W. Lothrop | The Xamarin Show

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This week, James is joined by friend of the show Kerry Lothrop, Microsoft MVP, who talks to us about securing mobile applications. We chat about how to hide those API keys, use certificate pinning, and how to monitor your app’s traffic. Show Links: Kerry’s Blog on Mobile App Security Kerry’s Presentation on Security from Xamarin Evolve Find […]

GrapeCity Updates Dev Tools, Adds VS Code Extension

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GrapeCity, known for its Microsoft-centric components and development tools, has issued a new software release, featuring new .NET controls and a Visual Studio Code extension for its JavaScript-based designer. GrapeCity Updates Dev Tools, Adds VS Code Extension Source: Visual Studio News

Episode 23: Five Things About npm | Five Things

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npm install five-things! This week Elijah Manor is back to bring you Five Things that you might not know about npm. Tired of answering questions when you do npm init? Ever lose track of what scripts you have in your package.json? Still installing things globally? You might not have to do any of these things […]