An introduction to decentralized identities | Azure Friday

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Danny Strockis joins Scott Hanselman to discuss decentralized identity, which gives users ownership of their digital identities and data by leveraging permissionless distributed ledgers. [04:07] Authentication concept[10:30] Demo Decentralized identity – Own your own identity Decentralized Identity Developer Docs DIF – Decentralized Identity Foundation decentralized-identity GitHub repo Create a free account (Azure) An introduction to […]

Editor Improvements in Visual Studio for Mac | The Xamarin Show

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This week, James is joined by friend of the show Maddy Leger, Xamarin Tooling Program manager, who shows off awesome editor updates to Visual Studio for Mac. She walks us through all of the new awesome C# editing and XAML features that will boost any developers productivity. Show Links: Blog: Visual Studio 2019 version 16.3 […]

Data Exposed | SQL Database Connectivity Explained | Data Exposed

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This session explains the basics of how connectivity works for SQL Database and how you can use network access controls to securely access SQL Database. Read more at the following links: Connectivity Architecture: Impact of removing Allow Access to Azure Services: IP Based Firewall: Vnet Firewall Rules: Data Exposed | SQL […]

Building workflows with the Durable Task Framework | On .NET

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The Durable Task Framework allows developers to write long running persistent workflows in .NET code using familiar async/await capabilities. In this episode, Affan Dar, Simon Porter join Jeremy to give us a better understanding of this framework, what it enables, and where is it being used within Microsoft. [01:38] – What problem does the framework […]