ONNX Runtime speeds up Image Embedding model in Bing Semantic Precise Image Search | AI Show

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Accelerate and optimize machine learning models regardless of training framework using ONNX and ONNX Runtime. This episode introduces both ONNX and ONNX Runtime and provides an example of ONNX Runtime accelerating Bing Semantic Precise Image Search. Show Summary: [00:00] – Introduction to ONNX [03:40] – Getting Started with ONNX [04:15] – Demo: Convert a CoreML […]

Training Machine Learning models with ML.NET | On .NET

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ML.NET allows .NET developers to easily build and also consume machine learning models in their NET applications. In this episode, Bri Achtman joins Rich to show off some really interesting scenarios that ML.NET and its family of tools enables. They talk about training models, AutoML, the ML.NET CLI, and even a Visual Studio Extension for training models! […]

Machine Learning with ML.NET 1.0 from Build 2019 | On .NET

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ML.NET is a free, cross-platform and open source machine learning framework designed to bring the power of machine learning (ML) into .NET applications. Live from Build 2019, we are joined by Cesar De La Torre Llorente who gives us a great overview of what the goals of ML.NET are, and shares with us some of the highlights […]

Building Applications from Scratch with Azure and Cognitive Services | On .NET

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In this episode, Christos Matskas (@ChristosMatskas) joins us to share the story of an interesting application he built using the Azure SDKs for .NET and Cognitive Services. We not only get an overview of creating custom vision models, but also a demo of the docker containers for cognitive services. Christos also shares how he was […]

Learn by Doing: A Look at Samples | AI Show

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Understanding the landscape of sample projects available in Cognitive Services GitHub Samples here Studybot (development credit to Winona Azure): https://github.com/Azure-Samples/cognitive-services-studybot-csharp AI School at Microsoft: aischool.microsoft.com AI Gallery at Microsoft: https://gallery.azure.ai AI Lab: aIlab.microsoft.com Learn by Doing: A Look at Samples | AI Show Source: MSDN Channel 9

TWC9: Alexa Azure DevOps Skills, Hacking Your Career, ML.NET 0.9, 6502 Assembly in VS Code, and more | This Week On Channel 9

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This week on Channel 9, Christina is reliving the days of Tom from MySpace, while also breaking down the latest developer news, including: [00:33] Microsoft Ignite: The Tour continues — if you see Christina at the Tel Aviv stop, say hello! [01:07] Azure DevOps Alexa Skill [01:45] Azure DevOps Bug Bounty Program and details about the bounty [02:27] ML .NET 0.9 is […]

Using Cognitive Services in Containers | AI Show

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In this video we will talk about our new capability that allows developers to deploy some of our cognitive services as containers! Get ready for the intelligent edge! Process data in the cloud or on device at the edge, the choice is yours! Announcement: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/bringing-ai-to-the-edge/ Technical Blog post: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/getting-started-with-azure-cognitive-services-in-containers/ NEW LUIS in Containers: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cognitive-services/LUIS/luis-container-howto Using […]

Visual Azure Provisioning From a Whiteboard | The Xamarin Show

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On this week’s Xamarin Show, James is joined by good friend Christos Matskas who shows off a beautiful Xamarin application that is infused with AI to generate a full Azure backend just by drawing pictures on a white board. You don’t want to miss this mind blowing demo and walkthrough of the code. Show Notes: […]