Troubleshoot resource property changes using Change History in Azure Policy | Azure Friday

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Jenny Hunter joins Donovan to showcase a new integration inside Azure Policy that enables you to see recent changes to the properties for non-compliant Azure resources. Public preview of the Resource Change History API is also now available. Determine causes of non-compliance: Change history (Preview) Public Preview: Resource Change History API Resource Graph: Get resource changes Azure Policy […]

Five Things You Can Do with Serverless | Five Things

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Serverless is like CrossFit: The first rule is to never stop talking about it. In this episode, Eduardo Laureano from the Azure Functions team brings you five things you can do with Serverless that you might not realize are even possible. Also, Burke wears a sweater vest and Eduardo insinuates that there is a better […]

Over-the-air software updates for Azure IoT Hub with | Internet of Things Show

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Introduction to a secure and robust over-the-air (OTA) software update process for Azure IoT Hub with, an open source update manager for connected devices. We will cover key considerations for being successful with software updates to connected devices and show a live demo deploying software to a physical device. Learn more about Check […]

Blazor in the cloud: Hosting a C# SPA app as a static website in Azure Storage | Azure Friday

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Jeremy Likness joins Donovan Brown to show how Blazor enables C# and .NET SPA (single page application) apps to run in all modern browsers, even mobile browsers without plugins. Learn how you can host it using inexpensive Azure Storage, static websites, and an optional CDN. Introduction to Blazor From Angular to Blazor: The Health App Hosting […]

App Center Distribution Enhancements And Auto Provisioning | The Xamarin Show | The Xamarin Show

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This week, James is joined by friend of the show Amanda Chew, App Center Program Manager, shows us the latest features in App Center distribution for mobile applications. She also shows how to easily auto provision your iOS applications all from inside of App Center. Show Links: App Center Documentation: App Center Distribution Find James on: Twitter, GitHub, Blog, […]

Interknowlogy mixes Azure IoT and Mixed Reality | Internet of Things Show

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When Mixed Reality meets the Internet of Things through Azure Digital Twins, a new way of accessing data materializes. See how Interknowlogy mixes Azure IoT and Mixed Reality to deliver not only stunning experiences but also accrued efficiency and productivity to workforce. Travis Schilling and Bret Faller from Interknowlogy show us the SmartHotel360 IoT and Mixed […]

Parkinson's Patient – Before and After Sensoria Smart Sock | Internet of Things Show

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Sensoria, is an Azure IoT partner whose vision is The Garment is The Computer®. Sensoria’s proprietary sensor infused smart garments, Sensoria® Core microelectronics and cloud system enable smart garments to convert data into actionable information for users in real-time. Davide Vigano shares the vision and the product on the IoT Show and how they partner […]

60 seconds to a Linkerd service mesh on AKS | Azure Friday

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See just how easy it is to deploy a service mesh to your AKS cluster. William Morgan, maintainer of the open source service mesh Linkerd, joins Scott Hanselman to demonstrate just how easy it is to deploy Linkerd. Together they explore how to debug a live microservices application using the service mesh, without changing any […]

.NET Community Standup – May 16th 2019 – Build 2019 Recap for .NET Developers | .NET Community Standups

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Join the ASP.NET, Xamarin, Runtime & Languages, Tooling, and Desktop .NET teams for a full Build 2019 recap for .NET Developers! Suggest an idea for a standup  Useful Links: .NET .NET Community Resources Visual Studio Twitch Channel .NET Foundation YouTube Create a Free Account (Azure): .NET Community Standup – May 16th 2019 – Build 2019 […]