Azure Instance Metadata Service updates for attested data | Azure Friday

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Azure Instance Metadata Service is used to provide information about a running virtual machine that can be used to configure and manage the machine. With the latest updates, Azure Marketplace vendors can now validate that their image is running in Azure. Azure Instance Metadata service Instance metadata data categories Azure Virtual Machines Azure Marketplace Create […]

An overview of Azure Blueprints | Azure Friday

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Alex Frankel (@sonofdiesel) joins Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) to discuss Azure Blueprints. Environment creation can be a long and error prone process. Azure Blueprints helps you deploy and update cloud environments in a repeatable manner using composable artifacts such as policies, role-based access control, and Azure Resource Manager templates. Azure Blueprints docs Getting started with Blueprints YouTube […]

An overview of Azure Data Explorer (ADX) | Azure Friday

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Manoj Raheja joins Lara Rubbelke (@sqlgal) to demonstrate Azure Data Explorer (ADX) and provide an overview of the service from provisioning to querying. ADX is a fast, fully managed data analytics service for real-time analysis on large volumes of streaming data. It brings together a highly performant and scalable cloud analytics service with an intuitive query […]

Enhanced monitoring capabilities and tags/annotations in Azure Data Factory | Azure Friday

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Gaurav Malhotra and Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) explore tagging support and enhanced monitoring capabilities, including dashboards and improved debugging support in Azure Data Factory. Data integration is complex and the ability to monitor your data factory pipelines is a key requirement for dev ops personnel inside an enterprise. Now, you can tag/annotate your data factory pipelines to monitor all the […]

Azure IoT Device Agent for Windows | Internet of Things Show

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Customers across industries, whether in an industrial setting or retail environment, are looking for ways to remotely provision and manage their IoT devices. Direct device access may not always be feasible when IoT devices are out in the field or on the factory floor. Microsoft Azure IoT Device Agent enables operators to configure, monitor and […]

Azure is the new mainframe | Azure Friday

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Steve Steuart from Astadia joins Scott Hanselman to show how a mainframe reference architecture based on Azure enables you to deploy your mainframe assets to a native Azure environment. You can the leverage all the available Azure services with your new mainframe in the cloud, including AI, Power BI, IoT, and Machine Learning. Mainframe Migration – Azure […]

An intro to Azure Cosmos DB JavaScript SDK 2.0 | Azure Friday

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Chris Anderson (@crandycodes) joins Donovan Brown (@donovanbrown) to discuss Azure Cosmos DB JavaScript SDK 2.0, which adds support for multi-region writes, a new fluent-style object model—making it easier to reference Azure Cosmos DB resources without an explicit URL—and support for promises and other modern JavaScript features. It is also written in TypeScript and supports the latest […]

Azure IoT Hub Device Streams | Internet of Things Show

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To help securely connect to and manage IoT devices located behind firewalls or inside private networks, Azure IoT Hub team introduces Azure IoT Hub device streams offering secure general-purpose communication tunnels through the Azure cloud to IoT devices. Check out, Reza Sherafat Kazemzadeh, Sr PM for Azure IoT Hub, showcasing the new capabilities. Learn more […]