An introduction to decentralized identities | Azure Friday

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Danny Strockis joins Scott Hanselman to discuss decentralized identity, which gives users ownership of their digital identities and data by leveraging permissionless distributed ledgers. [04:07] Authentication concept[10:30] Demo Decentralized identity – Own your own identity Decentralized Identity Developer Docs DIF – Decentralized Identity Foundation decentralized-identity GitHub repo Create a free account (Azure) An introduction to […]

What is Cloud Native, Really? | Cloud Native

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Get the definition from the engineers on campus up close and personal on the Cloud Native Show. In our Pilot episode, follow Shayne as he explores the Microsoft campus to have Cloud Native explained to him by Distinguished Engineer, Brendan Burns. For more episodes be sure to subscribe at Free Azure AccountBuild cloud-native applications […]

TWC9: GitHub Actions Get CI/CD, New VS Code, Windows Terminal Updates, Retro Video Games and more | This Week On Channel 9

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This Week on Channel 9, Christina is in another shirt and ready to get into the latest developer news (we DO go over 5 minutes — we’ll try harder next week), including: [00:33] GitHub Actions Support CI/CDcheck out more about GitHub Actions and the livestream with all the details. [02:20] Visual Studio Code 1.37 [03:06] Windows Terminal v0.3 Previewand the GitHub page [04:06] Azure Cloud […]

Testing in production with Azure App Service | Azure Friday

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Byron Tardif joins Scott Hanselman to show how to leverage Azure App Service features to empower your DevOps to achieve sophisticated scenarios like testing in production using deployment slots with just a few clicks. Azure App Service overview Set up staging environments in Azure App Service Azure App Service docs Create a free account (Azure) Testing […]

Onboard to Azure Security Center for IoT | Internet of Things Show

Posted on Posted in Azure, Demo, IoT, Security Azure Security Center for IoT can help you monitor and manage your IoT security posture. Organizations can now easily protect their IoT deployments using hundreds of built-in security assessments drawn from the industry best practices, or create custom rules in a central dashboard. With newly added IoT security capabilities, you can now reduce attack […]

Azure Foundation for nonprofits | Azure Friday

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Jane Mareth joins Scott Hanselman to show how nonprofits with limited budgets can accelerate their cloud adoption with Azure Foundation for nonprofits. The Azure Foundation provides prescriptive scripts, documentation, and diagrams to help nonprofits quickly adopt Microsoft Azure. Azure Foundation also includes governance and security guidance specific to the most common nonprofit scenarios. Azure cloud […]

Create dependent pipelines in your Azure Data Factory | Azure Friday

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Data integration is complex and has many moving parts that spans across hybrid data environments. Typically, data integration projects have dependencies upstream and downstream making dependencies an important aspect to consider in any job scheduling. Gaurav Malhotra joins Scott Hanselman to show how you can create dependent pipelines in Azure Data Factory by creating dependencies […]