Building Applications from Scratch with Azure and Cognitive Services | On .NET

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In this episode, Christos Matskas (@ChristosMatskas) joins us to share the story of an interesting application he built using the Azure SDKs for .NET and Cognitive Services. We not only get an overview of creating custom vision models, but also a demo of the docker containers for cognitive services. Christos also shares how he was […]

Integrating UWP components into Win32 applications | On .NET

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XAML Islands enables Windows developers to integrate UI components from the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) in their existing Win32 Applications. This includes Windows Forms and also WPF. In this episode, Alexandre Zollinger Chohfi and Miguel Ramos join us to talk about XAML Islands, and show us how it all plugs together. [01:13] – What does […]

Azure IoT TypeEdge : a strongly-typed development experience for Azure IoT Edge | Internet of Things Show

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Are you excited about Azure IoT Edge? Then you are going to love TypeEdge because it simplifies the IoT Edge development down to a simple F5 experience. Watch how you can now create a complete Azure IoT Edge application from scratch in your favorite development environment, in just a few minutes. Check out the project […]

Humanitarian Toolbox with Bill Wagner | On .NET

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Humanitarian Toolbox (HTBox) is a charity supporting disaster relief organizations with open source software and services. They are a community of developers, designers, testers, and industry professionals who want to contribute our unique skills in disaster relief aid. In episode, Bill Wagner (Bill Wagner) joins Rich to discuss the charity, their impact and what they’re working on […]

S02 E02: Five Reasons Why JavaScript Developers Should EVEN Care About .NET Core | Five Things

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.Net Core?! But I’m a JavaScript developer! Who CARES ABOUT .NET?! Good question. In this episode of Five Things, Burke sits down with Jasmine Greenaway who thinks that you probably should care and gives you a few reasons why. Also, Burke wears a dum-dum behind his ear and Jasmine rattles off some impressive performance statistics. […]