IoT is Fun for Everyone! (Ugly Sweater Edition) | Internet of Things Show

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An Ugly Sweater is great—but what’s even better ( is an IoT-enabled Ugly Sweater. In this episode of the IoT Show, Olivier Bloch is joined by Jim Bennett, a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. Jim has built an Ugly Sweater using Azure IoT Central, Microsoft’s IoT app platform, and a Raspberry Pi Zero. Dive into Jim’s […]

How to use composite indexes and correlated subqueries with Azure Cosmos DB | Azure Friday

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Tim Sander joins Scott Hanselman to discuss composite indexes and correlated subqueries using the SQL API in Azure Cosmos DB. A Request Unit, or RU, is the measure of throughput in Azure Cosmos DB. Learn how to optimize queries with a composite index to decrease the RUs needed for a given query. They also showcases correlated subqueries and examples […]

How to connect virtual networks across Azure regions with Azure Global VNet peering | Azure Friday

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Anavi Nahar joins Donovan Brown to show how virtual network peering enables you to connect networks seamlessly in Azure Virtual Network. The virtual networks appear as one for connectivity purposes. The traffic between virtual machines uses the Microsoft backbone infrastructure. Like traffic between virtual machines in the same network, traffic is routed through Microsoft’s private […]