Working with Entity Framework & Docker | On .NET

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In this episode, Julie Lerman comes on the show to share some insight and great tips for working with Entity Framework in Docker. You will see thing tips for working with the SQL Server Docker image, using environment variables for passports, using the Docker tools for Visual Studio and so much more! [04:02] – Overview […]

Working with the new Microsoft.Data.SqlClient | On .NET

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In this episode, Vicky Harp joins Jeremy to talk about the new Microsoft.Data.SqlClient. They discuss why this new package was created, feature scenarios it supports, and also show off some demos of how to migrate. [01:20] – Why is there a new SqlClient package [03:54] – How do the features compare to the previous SqlClient […]

Coding F# in Visual Studio Code with Ionide | On .NET

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In this episode, Phillip Carter sits down with Cecil to talk about the Ionide extension for Visual Studio Code. Ionide has tons of great features for F# developers working in Visual Studio code such as autocomplete, packet integration, syntax highlighting and much more. [00:55] – Introducing Ionide [03:11] – Getting started with Ionide [04:16] – F# […]

Diving into Durable Entities | On .NET

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Durable Entities is a new feature that will be available in Durable Functions v2, and will enable a new class of stateful patterns for Azure Functions. In this episode, Chris Gillum and Sebastian Burckhardt sit down with Jeremy to give us the rundown on Durable Entities. They talk about the differences compared to the actor model,  […]

Creating custom bindings for Azure Functions | On .NET

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Bindings in Azure Functions allows you to declaratively connect another resource to your serverless function as input or output. In this episode, Matías Quaranta takes us step by step through the fundamentals of creating a custom binding, and also how to incorporate it in an Azure Functions project. [03:44] – Step 1 Defining the attribute for the binding [05:38] […]