Azure Sphere for Developers | Internet of Things Show

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Want to get started with Azure Sphere? ( Watch Mike Hall and Olivier Bloch bring up a Seeed Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit using the Azure Sphere SDK and Visual Studio 2019. Azure Sphere is a secured, high-level application platform with built-in communication and security features for internet-connected devices. Learn more. Azure Sphere for Developers […]

IoT is Fun for Everyone! (Ugly Sweater Edition) | Internet of Things Show

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An Ugly Sweater is great—but what’s even better ( is an IoT-enabled Ugly Sweater. In this episode of the IoT Show, Olivier Bloch is joined by Jim Bennett, a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. Jim has built an Ugly Sweater using Azure IoT Central, Microsoft’s IoT app platform, and a Raspberry Pi Zero. Dive into Jim’s […]

How Microsoft is Simplifying IoT | Internet of Things Show

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Learn how Microsoft is simplifying IoT ( with the evolution of Azure IoT Central. You will step through a live demo of the new IoT Central retail application template with Avneet Singh, Senior Program Manager, IoT Solutions team. See how IoT Central enables solution builders to get connected in seconds with IoT Plug and Play. […]

IoT Solutions and Azure Cosmos DB | Internet of Things Show

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Watch this IoT Show to learn why Azure Cosmos DB (, Microsoft’s globally distributed multi-model database service, is frequently used in IoT scenarios. (Hint: Cosmos DB can ingest semi-structured data at extremely high rates and serve indexed queries back out with extremely low latency.)  Andrew Liu, Program Manager, Cosmos DB team, steps through two popular […]

Clustering point data in Azure Maps | Internet of Things Show

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Do you have large data sets that seem too big to map? ( Watch this IoT show to learn how to cluster data in Azure Maps so your users can rapidly extract insights from very large data sets. Ricky Brundritt, Principal Technical Program Manager, Azure Maps, takes you on a historical journey from grid-based clustering […]

Simplify downstream processing with Azure IoT Hub message enrichments | Internet of Things Show

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Did you know you can now enrich ( your IoT Devices telemetry by stamping device twin tags and properties on messages sent to different routing endpoints, even to telemetry events going to Event Grid? Ashita Rastogi, PM in the Azure IoT platform team joins Olivier on the IoT Show to tell us all about this […]

IoT Plug and Play & Azure IoT Central making IoT simpler than ever | Internet of Things Show

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IoT Plug and Play is now in public preview ( In this episode you will see the new Azure IoT Central experience with native support for IoT Plug and Play. Azure IoT Central has drastically simplified the task of building IoT solutions by eliminating the need for any cloud side development. With IoT Plug and […]